Procedures for external company employee certificates


This section illustrates the rules which govern issuing and using certificates for employees of companies that collaborate with Terna, along with the related operating procedures.  The operations available for external company employees’ certificates are as follows:

1 Certificate request
2 Issue of certificate
3 Request for New Activation Codes
4 Certificate revocation/suspension
5 Certificate activation
6 Certificate recovery
7 Certificate renewal

  • Operating Manual - Procedures for External Company Employee Certificates
  • User Manual

  • Forms

  • Request for Terna digital certificates
  • Request for issue of activation codes for Terna digital certificates
  • Request for revocation/suspension/recovery of Terna’s digital certificates
  • Request for reactivation of Terna’s digital certificates

  • Automatic Operations on Certificates


    Terna is responsible for defining, publishing and updating the operating manuals and the certifier's portal.
    Questions, remarks and requests for clarification in this regard should be addressed to the call center via the following means:
    e-mail to:
    call to Italian freephone number +39 800 999333
    Communications from the certifier to the applicant shall be made by e-mail to the address provided by the applicant.