Operating Manual


The general operating manual introduces the rules which govern issuing and using certificates signed by Terna and the set of operating procedures for the provision of digital certification services. The actual operating procedures are hence described in specific documents.
he indications that comprise the “Terna certification service operating manual” are detailed in the documents below:

  • Operating Manual – General
  • Operating Manual – Procedures for External Company Employee Certificates (epf)
  • Operating Manual – Procedure for Web Service Authentication Certificates
  • InnoEntAuth Software Installation Manual

  • The indications provided are applicable for Terna’s activities, in the role of certifier, for the Registration Office, for the subjects in charge of identifying/registering the holders and for the holders. With the operating manual, the certifier informs all those involved in the certification service of their obligations, responsibilities, and procedures that need to be followed and complied with for correct use of the service.
    The certifier shall inform the holder of his or her obligations regarding safeguarding the confidentiality of the private key and the storage thereof, as well as the obligation to notify the certifier of any loss, theft or compromise to the private key in a timely manner.
    Terna does not recognise as valid the use of its certificates for purposes other than those specified during the issuing procedure.

    Certificate Revocation Lists

    The revocation of a certificate makes it invalid and renders use of the private key after revocation invalid. The revoked certificates will be included in a revocation list (CRL) which is signed by the certifier and published in the certificates register at predetermined intervals.
    The certificate shall be considered revoked as soon as the list is published. Each list relates to the certificates issued by Terna in a specific period of time. Below is the link to download the certificate revocation list issued by our Certification Authority: